Painting Cabinets White - Should I get white hinges?

8 years ago

Hello everyone!

I am in the planning stages of updating my oak 1990's kitchen. I am having the cabinets professionally painted white, installing a new backsplash and granite. My question is, I have exposed hinges that I am not a fan of. I see that most people match the hinges to the knobs. Has anyone used white hinges? I saw them at Home Depot and was thinking that they might blend into the cabinets a little and not scream "I'm a kitchen from 1991 that she is trying to look like it's updates!"

Any thoughts? Does anyone want to share their after pics of their oak cabinets repainted white?

I have attached my before pics in case anyone has any suggestions. This is an older realtor picture so we have new appliances that are stainless steel.

Right now I am looking for a carpenter to cut out my appliance garage. Anything else that you would suggest? And yes, the light fixture is going too. :)

Thanks in advance!


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