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Can't decide on cabinets- white or wood?

11 years ago

Help! We are doing a budget remodel of our kitchen. Originally, we had planned on dh making new doors for our cabinets and then I'd paint them a light cream. However, after we purchased our countertop, backsplash, sink, etc, we had some family issues that have left everything sitting in our basement for over a year. So, we've decided to just purchase Ikea Adel cabinets so we can get this done!

I can't decide between the white or medium brown doors. All of our appliances are white and newer, so won't be replaced. I'm afraid they'll look bad with the brown cabinets. But, I'm also worried that the white cabinets, appliances and white subway tile will look too plain. My kitchen is "U" shape, so that's a lot of white!

Dh likes the brown, but I kind of want more of a change from our dark ugly cabinets we have now. I also am wondering which will hold up better to 3 kids and a dh who is hard on things, also! The brown would hide more stains but maybe the white would be easier to wipe off and touch up? I don't know!

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Below are the cabinet doors and our Wilsonart HD Sedona Trail counter top. We have white subway tile backsplash, black Swanstone sink and the floor will be a brownish tile.

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