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Fridge Wall - final 2 layouts - Please Vote! (PICS)

12 years ago

Hi everyone!

Here are the 2 final contenders for our fridge wall layout. Please vote for your favorite! (I have a favorite, but DH likes them both.)

Items to note:

* We will likely build the 36" wide pantry out of the Adel White cabinets. There are 2 different configurations shown in the pics below, but we aren't set on the exact design for the pantry yet. Maybe we could even buy a completely different piece...hmmm (pantry ideas welcome!)

* We will need to build out the wall behind the fridge so it extends towards the dining room, but I think it is well worth the effort, since now we can have a proper 24" deep base cabinet below the microwave. :)


(This one is thanks to cluelessincolorado's brilliant mockup and everyone's feedback on our original fridge layout post.)

Pro: I like how it will make the kitchen feel more open on the dining room side, and how the fridge is centered.

Con: The full depth fridge encroaches more into the "nook area."


(This is a new version that DH did.)

Pro: The walkway from the Den into the middle of the kitchen is more roomy.

Con: The dining room side feels boxed in with the huge fridge there.

Thanks for your help! :)

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