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What's cooking in your kitchen for Thanksgiving?

11 years ago

We do everything here but the Turkey and salad which friends bring along with the wine. Butternut Squash and apple soup, roasted vegetables, sweet potato biscuits, cornbread, rosemary flat bread, stuffing loaded with veggies, sweet potato, apple and pear dish, corn souffle and stuffed pumpkin entree for vegetarians. Cranberry sauce. Apple, pecan and pumpkin pies with homemade whipped cream. Angel Bars and fresh fruit. The best part is having my daughters home cooking with me! Although the kitchen isn't finished-for the first time all three of us can cook in the same room! We took the wall down between our tiny kitchen and the dining room. My new range came yesterday(convection) and I'm looking forward to see if we can really bake two pies at the same time.I've picked up the markers so we can scrawl/draw our thanks on the unfinished subfloor-a wonderful idea from the gardenweb! A happy, healthy, love filled Thanksgiving to everyone!

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