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Our DIY Kitchen Remodel on a *tight* budget, first up floor plan!

15 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I have posted a couple of times before with countertop questions but we are now ready to go ahead with our remodel. We are hiring out the removal of a load-bearing wall and moving some plumbing/HVAC and electrical as well that are in the wall. I have (hopefully) attached a pic of our kitchen beforehand:


As you can see there is *NO* cabinet or countertop space. Both of the corners are useless blind cabinets that I have to send my 2 year into with a flashlight to retrieve anything. Our only 2 useable cabinets are the two upper ones on either side of the sink. We are using the cabinets from our basement apartment kitchen (gorgeous 5 yr old solid maple) to replace the ones we currently have.

Here is a pic of our *OLD* kitchen layout:


We have removed the railing on the one side and the wall seperating the 2 spaces will be gone. Basically what we are doing is taking the stove area wall and swinging it back out onto the long wall so that we will have one long run of cabinets/counter from the top corner almost to the fireplace. As you can see from the floorplan, this was originally meant to be a kitchen and family room with a equally tiny dining room and living room on the other side of the wall. With a big family like ours we didnt need all these tiny rooms and so decided to make one huge kitchen and one huge family instead. Works for us! The dimensions of the room are 15'x20' We plan to put a large buffet/hutch against the wall between the kitchen and family room. and a large (9') harvest table in the middle of the kitche running parallel to the countertops. DH is worried the kitchen will look too big and empty.......I can't seem to find a way to get an island (maybe added later) and a large harvest table into the same room plus I think it would be "too much" side by side. Any thoughts?! DH also just finished scraping the popcorn off of the old "family room" portion of the kitchen...lots of fun! Will post pics of that as well!



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