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Help! New kitchen with FEW drawers. What were they thinking?

11 years ago

Recently relocated and bought a lovely home, and the kitchen is beautiful and just my style, but it must have been designed by someone on drugs. Definitely form over function. I like the creamy white inset shaker cabinets, wood floors, beadboard backsplash, and stainless appliances.

But I have two big problems. First, there are very few drawers! All the lower cabinets have doors and roll out shelves, with the exception of one cabinet with four drawers - but it is a 15" cabinet, so the drawers are about 9" wide. Useless! I need to use up three of these for my flatware and serving pieces. I do have one 30" wide drawer and one 24" drawer (both short and located under the counter). But I do not have any big deep drawers. The other problem I have is with the angled corner cabinets (upper and lower) with no lazy/super susans -- such a waste of space! Positive features are trash pull out, tall pantry with pull out shelves, tray dividers, spice pull out, appliance garage.

I really can't spend much on this, and the kitchen is so pretty I know we won't be renovating anytime soon if ever. DH thinks I'm nuts and obsessing over nothing.

So my questions for you GW experts are:

1) What can I do with my roll out shelves (5 cabinets 2 each!) to compensate for lack of drawers?

2) is there a way to install a super susan in the corner cabinets? I plan to replace the counter very soon (that's another story) so I think I can access the lower cabinet when the counter is off. Not sure how to improve the upper one.

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