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Shaker Style Doors with Slab Drawers

14 years ago

Since my kitchen is small (10 x 12), and I like clean simple lines, I am choosing full-overlay, square shaker style, off-white cabinets with slab drawers. I was comfortable with this decision until we chose some cabinets with drawers.

I've read previous posts about this subject and know that I don't like small paneled drawers. In larger kitchens, I prefer cabinets with slab small drawers and paneled lower drawers. But I haven't seen pictures of all slab drawers. And I'm only talking about 2 such cabinets and they are not large - one is 24" wide and the other 18" wide. They are not near each other.

Thoughts? Pictures?

Thank you. This has been hard for me. I was trying to keep a vintage look in the kitchen as the rest of my 1930's house is original and "old-fashioned". The budget has made this difficult.

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