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Please review our fridge wall cabinetry layout (PIC)

12 years ago

Hi everyone,

Does this layout for our fridge wall work?

The cabinetry:

* 15" wide pantry cabinets flanking a 36" wide full depth fridge

* 43" wide microwave/convection oven area/fridge landing zone with a 30" wide microwave/convection oven and 6.5" shelves flanking it on either side

The goals:

* Have a safe space for a microwave/convection oven (that is off the counter and does not require bending down)

* Have a landing area of counterspace for the fridge and microwave/convection oven to prepare a plate of food to heat up, pour a drink, etc.

The problem:

* We only have a depth of about 16" to work with for the 43" wide space to allow for a 36" walkway between it and the breakfast nook (this will be a High Traffic area as it leads to the den to the left of the breakfast nook)

Will the 43" wide counterspace still be useable as a landing zone to prepare food to reheat/pour a drink, etc. (not to prepare a meal from scratch), with the uppers and base cabinetry at the Same depth of about 16"? Usually a base cabinet extends past the upper...

(Also, I should note the the 30" microwave/convection oven that we are considering getting is actually an OTR model. It is the only thing we can find that has the microwave And convection feature with a depth of about 16.5". All of the countertop and built in models that we've seen are much deeper at about 20" and would require clearance in addition to that. Sigh.)

Thank you for your help!

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