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jillandmatt, can I ask you an island pendant question?

11 years ago

I am so sorry to single you out but I was desperate to ask a question about your island pendant...

I have sort of included the question in my other island pendant posting but...

So I LOVE your kitchen and your island pendants. I know that you have 9' ceiling and your island is way longer than mine (you said your island is 84" long, right?)

My island is only 52" x 36" and my ceiling is only 8" high. Would it not look nice to have your pendant over such an island with lower ceiling?

I did the calculation figured out that I will want the bottom of a pendant to be about 25-27" from 8' ceiling leaving only 8-10" chain length for Stanton lantern above the fixture itself. Would that look weird.

Another question would be would it be too much to have two of them over my much shorter island?

Thank you!

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