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$39.99 granite vs. laminate countertops in a condo?!

14 years ago

My sister and her boyfriend just purchased a condo with horrid pink countertops. They would like to replace the conters, but and are debating on whether or not to use laminate or granite.

They REALLY want granite, but are hesitant to spend the money considering it is a condo, and many people are telling them that the return on the investment isn't worth doing hte granite.

Last week I noticed an ad in the paper. The installers I just used for my granite have dropped their prices to $39.99/ft for their bottom tier granite. I am confident that my sister could find something acceptable in this price range... and I know the company does great work...

I have no idea how much laminate costs (I only looked at granite) but 39.99 seems dirt cheap. Are there any countertops experts out there who could shed some light on this dilemma or offer some advice?

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