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Cabinet Doors in Kitchen: Cherry wood vs. Cherry plywood?

9 years ago


I am getting cherry cabinet doors in the kitchen. The person making them asked me:
Do you want cherry plywood or cherry (solid) wood?

Which, like every single step of this remodeling adventure, has highlighted how very little I know - and probably caused the cabinet maker to sigh.

My gut reaction was to want to say: just a piece of wood with no toxic resins/other toxins/glues please! Also, I hope to live with and love this kitchen for the rest of my life in this apartment, and I am guessing solid wood is better in the long run? But I have no idea if that is really true.

My current understanding:
Cherry plywood = the door would be one solid piece vs. Cherry wood the doors would be a couple pieces stuck together (they would have a seam) because a piece of wood doesn't come that wide. This idea (1-2 seams per door) might bother me visually, but I don't know.

Cherry plywood = the grain/color would be much more uniform vs. Cherry wood the doors would have a potentially large color and grain pattern range. (This idea (variation in color/grain) doesn't bother me visually - although I hear cherry's color shifts a lot time and the variations might take a clear stain pretty differently).

Plywood = less expensive than wood.

Is that correct? Are there other differences to consider - in a kitchen or in general - that I should know to help me decide better? Do either of these have more potential for warping, etc?

I welcome your experiences/thoughts. I have learned so much from reading your posts -- and I look forward to the day I know enough to contribute to someone else's process! I hope you all can help me understand this.

Thank you!

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