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Please help with floor plan: What do you think? Does it need chan

15 years ago

Hi! I'm hoping you guys can help me. I'm too close to this project to have clarity on it anymore. Please be honest. Design is NOT my strong suit! I'm afraid after putting all this time into it that it won't look good because of some major oversight.

I've been talking about building cabinets for our kitchen for a LONG time. It's been a slow process. I posted a couple of cabinet sketches yesterday and had some things called to my attention. I remedied the worst of the problems, I think. Today I'm posting a floor plan, and two different elevations of one of the walls.

The only difference between the two elevations is the width of the upper cabinets. In the top picture they're wider, and come right up to the window casings. In the bottom one they're a little narrower, leaving a 2" gap between them and the casings. (I tried making them narrower still, and that didn't look right.) BTW, the glass doors don't have muntins, those are supposed to be the inside shelves.

1) Which one do you think looks better relative to the whole wall, taking the windows into consideration? (If you can tell from these pictures!)

2) Does it look wrong that they're not lined up with the cabinets below them?

3) Any other observations?

The base cabinet right of the sink is a trash pull-out. On the other side is the DW. I tried to get them to be symmetrical. On the right side the counter turns 90 degrees to form an EL. On the left it doesn't, but I left a space blank because I'm not sure what kind of cabinet to put there.

From kitchen east wall sketch

From east wall updated, medium width uppers

I'd also love it if you would take a look at the floor plan and let me know if you have any suggestions that might improve things. It looks big on paper, but the distance from the sink to the stove, or from the island to the counters is actually small, just a step or two.

I don't have any specific questions. I was driven mostly by the look I wanted, with some basic consideration of function. Do you see any noteworthy functional or visual problems?

BTW, the island will not be fixed in place, but the pendants have to be wired in. What do you think about the island location?

Thank you!!

From kitchen floor plan 1108

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