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THIRD backsplash order - My crackle tiles are cracked!

11 years ago

Alright. Here's the story. The first order (Ceramiche Grazia Essenze white crackle tiles) came in darker and much creamier yellow than the samples. My cabinets are crisp white. They probably would have been fine, I debated back and forth about whether to return them, but was so relieved when I did because the color was really bothering me.

Second order, Walker Zanger Soho white crackle tiles. Perfect choice, reinforced my decision to return the Essenze tiles. Beautiful, bright white. LOVED them. The bullnose pieces, however, were a noticeably different shade than the field tiles (photo below). They tried to match field tiles to bullnose pieces from other orders that came in and after three weeks, they told me nothing matched.

Order number 3: Adex Hampton, my runner up. Picked them up today. About 30 tiles are cracked and broken. I may have enough to install, but the bullnose pieces are also a different shade than the field tiles (although not as bad as the Walker Zanger tiles).

Not sure what to do now. I'm so tired of backsplash shopping and waiting for this kitchen to be finished. Anyone else have trouble with the bullnose matching the field tiles?

Walker Zanger bullnose and field tiles (please disregard wallpaper in adjoining hallway, that is a future project):

Cracked Adex Tiles:

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