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Ideas as how to work around a 32" counter top in a 1930s kitchen

11 years ago

Hi There,

I've been lurking on this forum since we moved into our 1935 Colonial Revival in July and have finally gotten up the courage to post this. The house hasn't had too many updates (just replaced the original boiler!). We're trying to figure out what we could do with our kitchen. We like that the cabinetry and sink are original to the house. However, the sink, which we love, is placed under the window and since it has a high back it means the countertop comes to just 32" high. We won't be able to make the sink free standing and just raise the countertops to either side because the upper cabinets would be way too low and just in the way. I like that they go up to the ceiling and I don't think we could afford to replace them with something custom. Or am I being too sentimental about them? I mean they"re probably covered in lead paint( we are going to paint them anyway) and they've been lined with what my husband and I suspect could be asbestos tile (we've covered it up). I would like to have a built in dishwasher one day...I don't like wheeling the portable monster across the floor!

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