LG Viatera Quartz Product - Thoughts?

9 years ago

At the beginning of my kitchen remodel project, I selected Caesarstone Organic White as my color/product of choice for my kitchen countertops. Now that it's three months later and time to actually place the order (the cabinets are in, etc), I'm being told that Organic White is on backorder and may not be available for up to 8-10 weeks from now. So, I was trying to find another alternative and I thought Caesarstone Blizzard might work, but I'm now told that Blizzard is also unavailable. So, now I'm trying to weigh my options and I've been asked to take a look at the LG Viatera quartz product -- specifically the color called "Denali."

Has anyone had experience with Viatera? From what I've read, it all seems to be pretty much the same stuff and it looks like the Viatera is just as good as Caesarstone, etc. The problem I'm having is that I cannot find a lot of "real world users" of the product and I'd like to know if anyone else has worked with this stuff. Also, if anyone has pictures of kitchens with Viatera -- especially Viatera Denali - I'd love to see them

Finally, if anyone has any other suggestions for quartz countertops in a light/whiteish color that would look great in a fairly modern/contemporary kitchen with dark maple cabinets and medium-shade hardwood floors and light gray walls, I would love to hear it! At this point, I just want this thing DONE!

Thanks in advance.

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