I want everything too close together!!

8 years ago

I want the impossible and need some clarity from the great minds on this forum! I am planning a kitchen remodel and I want to take everything I love about my current kitchen and tweak it to make it even better :) My big problem is that I don't want to walk very far while I am cooking. I love having everything close at hand. Currently my cooktop is in my island with my fridge and ovens behind me. I love it. My sink and trash are currently too far away from where I cook and prep on the island so I am adding an island prep sink and putting the trash pull out in the prep area. I love having my pots and pans close at hand under my cooktop so they will stay there. I want my knives, prep bowls and cutting boards close at hand in my prep area. I could go on and on. I am not having layout trouble per se just trouble fitting a bunch of stuff into a small area even in a large kitchen!

Some of the problem for me is that I do things as a I go. I worked in a culinary program once and it didn't matter that the fridge was on one end of the kitchen and the prep was on the other and the range was 10 feet from that because you simply prepped ahead and had your mise en place next to your cooktop etc. I don't cook that way :( when I am ready to deglaze my pan I pivot to the fridge and grab my broth or I reach into the cab next to my cooktop and grab wine or whatever. I often prep some stuff ahead and have a partial mise en place but I never pre-plan everything I will need. It interrupts my flow to have to walk to far. I get so much pleasure out of the cooking process when things are close at hand. I like to prep next to my cooktop facing out, so lack of upper cabs is exacerbating my problem.

Do I simply need to get more organized?? Is there a limit to what you can accomplish with space planning alone? I don't mind gathering pantry items before I start cooking, partly because I can do that well before I start actually cooking whereas I want to wait until the last minute to pull out cold items, so the pantry can be out of the way, but the fridge I want close by...

What do you want close at hand in your prep area? What do you find the most convenient to have "far away"?

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