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How far would you hike to the fridge?

11 years ago

Hi All, I'll be posting my preliminary kitchen floor plan soon. But for now I have a question: how many of you have broken NKBA rules and created one leg of your work triangle that was more than 12 feet?

I ask because I've drafted an L plus island layout that works very well in every respect except that the distance from the range to refrigerator is almost 14 feet. (Range to sink is 4.5 feet; sink to fridge is about 9 feet.)

In my current plan I love the balance of the cabinet layout, the flow of the work triangle, the ability of at least two people to work easily in the kitchen at the same time, the fact that the planned location of the fridge has no doors or aisles to cause congestion around it, and the fact that the island doesn't interfere with the work triangle. But, I am breaking a rule.

I'm actually breaking two NKBA rules: the sum total of my three legs is 27.5 feet (not the recommended max of 26 feet) and one leg is 14 feet (not the recommended max of 9 feet).

Is this one of those "rules are meant to be broken" situations? Or is it one of those "there is a reason for rules" situations? Can I justify breaking the rule with the argument that I have long arms and legs and a quick stride? (Just kidding.) Any and all advice and personal experience is welcome.

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