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Cabinet symmetry/wall height/practicality??

15 years ago

I have too many questions to fit in the subject! I'm trying to design my layout (I'm pretty sure we're ordering StarMark from MKFUSA online), but I'm getting hung up on trying to keep the wall cabinets aligned with the base cabinets. With appliances and some of the special storage units I want, I just don't think it's possible. Is that important? Or would you say it's more important to stay symmetrical on either side of the window and either side of the stove? Or does symmetry not even matter at all?!

Also, would a 12" wide wall cabinet be a complete waste of space? Ex. In one corner I have a base super susan and then a 24" wide 4-drawer base that ends about 5" from a doorway. Above that I have a 24" diagonal corner, then a 12" glass wall cabinet, and then a 24" wine cabinet/bookshelf that falls directly above the drawer base. I'm sorry if that's confusing... I guess I'm just getting overwhelmed with the design process-- there are too many choices and I don't want to have huge regrets or wasted space!

Thanks for your expertise... I'm new here but I've read lots of great advice so far.

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