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building character- on a budget

13 years ago

Someone suggested I take the sweeby test when considering my new kitchen. When I did I found that my file of white kitchens did not exactly match up with what I want my kitchen to feel like. I want vintage, warmth, texture, and character. Not all of them had that feel. I still want the white cabinetry, and the lantern lights I liked will work, but I'm rethinking backsplash ideas and other things.

I thought this could be a good discussion- especially since I need it. It can be difficult to build a new house or renovate a room and give it old character, especially when you're on a budget. Also, there are certain things I don't quite dare to do to a new house, like wood chequered floors and green cabinetry. My ideas for character are thick molding, wainscoting, mixing woods in a kitchen, such as an island or chunk of cabinetry with a different color, apron sink, clawfoot tub, hex and basketweave tile, lantern lighting, brick or stone accents, I know there are lots more, those are just a few I've been thinking of. I think it's great to get one splurge you love. I'm getting a clawfoot tub- with jets. But a lot of those other things don't fit into the budget. I'm not sure I can even mix woods. My kitchen is small and we opted not to do an island since I'd rather have my sink view blocked from the living room. I'm considering having wood around the upper countertops, but not sure about upkeep with kids. Anyway, what ideas do others have about adding character, as well as some economical ideas.

Here's the link to my kitchen floor plan. It's like this only with one arch instead of three.

Thanks. I love this forum. People are so helpful.

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