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plllog, more Q's for you

11 years ago

I hope you are around. I think I *saw" you a few days ago. :-)

And I hope you don't mind me asking a few more questions?

After staring at your kitchen long and hard, I think I have figured your cabinet design. I will call this look "full overlay/inset" as IDK what else to call it.

What is the width of your *side* side panels, the ones that create the "inset" effect? Like the ones that "frame" your uppers around the sink, side panels on the island, or the right side panel of your freezer.

I am guessing they are 1.5" but they could be 2"?

Also, do your uppers have light rails?

Where did you get that "very fancy" hinge that lifts the door above the fridge all the way to the ceiling?

What are those lights above the sink? Are they small cans or something else? If the latter, what are they?

Thank you!

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