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Painted cab quality--local custom vs. Diamond

13 years ago

I've gotten two quotes so far for the shaker style white/off-white cabinets I've been dreaming of for years. One from the local custom guy my GC has used for many years and one from Diamond. I'm judging them on two criteria: price and painted finish quality. (Obviously, I can customize the local guy's to the exact size, etc., and cannot with Diamond. A factor to weigh, but it's a given.)

1. Price--For cabs and install, custom guy came in $1000 less than Diamond. Diamond does have a 10% off sale through this weekend so that would make them about even, but I'm not ready to order this week.

2. Painted finish quality--I got a sample painted door from the local guy this weekend and have compared it to the sample Diamond door. GC says his guy uses automotive paint and puts some sort of sealer on it. I prefer the feel of the smoother Diamond cab, but I could live with either.

The real question is....Will the finish hold up over years of usage like the factory baked-on finish of Diamond? Does this type of automotive paint hold up on cabs for a long time?

Can anybody tell me if their custom cab painted finish is holding up well after using for some time? What about Diamond?

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