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Do I really need a seam? Ideas for transporting whole

9 years ago

We have an L-shaped section which would be about 64" L and ~100" W at the outer parts of the L. We would be using Princess White Granite. The stone yard called it granite, the fabricator called it a quartzite. It is a softer granite and in my mind definitely, not a quartzite because it can't really cut the glass bottle. Fabricator A said we would need to cut it and then seam it together because he was worried that the piece would break during transport or when they were trying to set it on the cabinets as they have to bring it across flat. He said he would already be reinforcing it with steel for transport. He claimed we wouldn't notice the seam because they would epoxy it and it would be cut as one piece and then cut and seamed together. He said if it were Absolute Black granite, he would try it but the quartzite is weaker at the veins.

Do you agree that it is high risk for transporting? I take it, it is their risk for installation and I really don't want to sign anything transferring that risk of breaking to me. Is there a different method that could be used for transporting/installing that would reduce the risk of breakage? If so, what? How noticeable do you think the seam will look?

I'm checking with another fabricator but figured I would post.

Thank you!

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