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Need a light color countertop to go with cherry cabs, slate floor

13 years ago

We are currently in the midst of a remodel of our kitchen. It is a pretty basic U-shape with cherry cabinets (Kraftmaid Sunset boxes, in the garage). We were about to order our Tigerwood hardwood floors when my DH had a change of heart...He thinks tile is the way to go since we are a young family with 2 active boys and a dog. I guess I agree, but I will miss the wood :-(

He likes slate. I love the look of slate, but I just dont want to live with it (too uneven and rough on barefeet). So I found a nice slate-look porcelain tile (Rex Ceramiche Slate Solutions in Multicolor) that we are considering.

The problem is this....We seem to like things that are dark in color, but we dont get a lot of light in the kitchen so I need to lighten it up with a light color counter and backsplash.

Does anyone have any suggestions or photos of cherry cabinets, slate floors, and a light-colored countertop? It seems most tend to go with the cherry/slate/uba tuba combo, which I like, but it will just be too dark for our room.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tile Floor

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