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1960's Kitchen Cabinet Painting

8 years ago

I am doing a budget remodel. (little bit each year). I have already removed the furdowns, added crown molding to the top of the kitchen cabinets, and crown molding to the ceiling. I have removed the upper cabinets that divided the kitchen and the dining room....beginning next week, I paint. I am going with a cream color (looks white) paint.

1. My big questions is will I go to all this work, and the kitchen still not be updated because of the routering in the cabinet doors? (I kind of like the routing The doors are solid wood raised panel ash cabinets (original from 1964). I am drawn to an up-scaled french country look.

2. I need to use the original hinges (because door has a 5/8" setback and hidden hinges are about $30 each). I actually like the current handles, but want to "burnish" both the hinges and the handles with silver leaf paint to soften their look against a white cabinet. What do you think? The hinges and handles are solid brass (original from 1963)

3. The current countertops are laminate with wood surround. They are blueish and in decent shape. They actually will compliment the french blue color I want to paint the area above the cabinets and around the dining area. I will replace them next year with a cream colored marble look alike something!

4. The floor is a tile. I like it and will keep.

Once I figure out how to post more than one picture, I will show the rest of the kitchen. I is rather large, as you are only seeing about 1/2 of it. The stove side and the built in china cabinet are not showing. I also want to post my inspiration picture.

Any thoughts, suggestions, critiques, etc are all welcome....I do see now how MESSY my kitchen is in these picutres....that may be the best place for me to begin!!!....clean up that clutter!

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