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Shiloh vs. Brookhaven vs. Woodland cabinetry?

11 years ago

Hi there,

We've had a tricky time narrowing down a cabinetry line. Can you help??

We've considered Shiloh (lowest price), Brookhaven (middle of the road price) and Woodland (NOT Wood-Mode, but Woodland, highest price). If you have one of these lines in your kitchen and have lived with them for a few years, ideally, can you tell me about your experiences?

I am so tempted to go with Shiloh, but I am concerned about the durability of the white painted finish vs. the white painted finish on other lines.

The sample that the Shiloh cabinetry person gave me has an "orange peel" effect starting -- that is, the paint is shriveling a little bit to show hairline puckering/cracking.

I know the sample lives in his car and is subjected to more extreme temperature changes than my kitchen will see, as well as sunlight and general man-handling, but this is still a concern. If you have Shiloh and have seen this in your cabinets, or any other concerns, can you tell me about them? You can email me off-line at if you prefer to correspond that way.

That said, the Brookhaven wood sample has a disclaimer on the back that says this kind of change in the paint finish can happen due to changes in humidity, etc, so I can only assume this is a risk with all cabinetry lines. If you have Brookhaven, would you share your experiences with me? Again, feel free to contact me off-line if you're more comfortable.

Bottom line, I was hoping to keep the cabinetry budget quite low relative to the appliances and countertops, but I don't want to choose a cabinetry line for the pricetag alone, only to realize in five years that I should have gone with a different line. :(

Thanks for any insight!!

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