Possible to remove counter but keep backsplash?

13 years ago

We're exploring what to do with a mini-remodel of our kitchen, and one thing we may have to do is to remove a bank of old cabinets that, unfortunately, have brand new granite and a new tile backsplash on top (done by PO to sell house). We're not in tears over the granite, as the color isn't our cup of tea, and virtually everyone says we must take off the counter to demo the vintage built-in-place wooden cabinets (plus we have some pest issues behind them, and it would be hard to access even if we could somehow support the counter during demo).

Can we preserve the existing tile backsplash while removing the counter, though? We're not in love with it either, but it is brand new and it seems like a stupid thing to spend money replacing right now when we could presumably replace it in a few years' time with little impact on counter/cabinets below (is that right?) I'm just not sure if it's possible to slice it off from the counter without damaging it, though, and I imagine we could hit some glitches if the counter height changes. Any thoughts on this?



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