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vintage sink in non-vintage kitchen?

Our neighbors gave us the below 1948 sink that I really like and actually is in better condition than my ~1982 Kohler Epicurean sink that I also like but not its scratches and loss of glaze.

Yes, this sink is 6 FEET by 25"! The bottom says its a P6585 Hostess (with the most-est, I'm sure!) American Radiator and Standard Sanitary (here I thought it was always just one company rather than a merger). Complete with original faucet :) . A few of the drainboard raised areas (anti-runnels??) are scratched and non-shiny but the sinks and all rims /edges are in great shape.

But, the house is "transitional contemporary" (if you read this thank you Palimpsest for giving my house a style!) with nary a stick of style unless it's a Usonian ghost of some sort. From reading all the extremely interesting threads on how to fit/determine the kitchen style you want into your house, it seems to me that if I use this sink as the only vintage item-- *not* the boomarang /chrome edge laminate or pink/yellow/black tile schemes, for example--it can work. There is no consistent neighborhood nor resale concern so those don't give me a guide. I think it would fit in the "quirky and modest" category but what do you think?

The galley kitchen will have its countertops and the back deck tile redone, most likely laminate and a bigger tile(hmm 14ft with one grout line? Kertile anyone??), respectively. The cabs and white DW will stay, thank you very much :) .

The blue tape is the sink and the green tape are the basins. I love that it can be a "mini apron" and yet let me keep the cabs (as I need to do for budget). Thinking about how I use the counter space now that I would lose to the drainboards, I mostly pile the peelings/cuttings /garbage in those areas so no big loss. I do however wash alot by hand and the double drainboards would be very handy for keeping veggies on one side and pots/pans on the other. I tested my big saute pan in the sink basin and it'll work fine for washing. I also have a huge laundry sink that I use for half-sheet pans and roasters so I do have a handwash backup plan :) .

I guess that I'm thinking the vintage/non-vintage ok since so many times I've read "do what you love" but so many times people here have amazing ideas and insight, and certainly far better design sense than I have, so I thought I'd ask for some of the talented help here.

also, completely OT, does anyone else "lose" their cursor when typing in a post??

thank you in advance!


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