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soapstone regrets

11 years ago


Been a while since I've posted. We've had our new kitchen for about a year now. We installed soapstone. I love the look but I'm not a cleaning fanatic and these counters require too much elbow grease to keep them looking good.

They show every drip, even water rings, and in order to clean I need to clean the whole thing, I can't just clean one part because you can see the streaks from one cleaning swipe to the next. And it is a three/four step process. Wet/wipe with dish soap, wipe with water, wipe again to get the soap off. Wipe again to even out the drying. PITA.

We oiled at the beginning (mineral oil), but it was messy and dried too quickly and having to empty the counters of everything was too much of a hassle.

So now i'm thinking about one of the wax/oil combos. I've seen some of the newer walnut oil/wax products that the soapstone dealers sell - maybe something like that? if I use that, will my 'cleaning' clean off the wax/oil?

I do love the look of the soapstone but not the maintenance issues. It is an hour long process to clean all the countertops.

And what then is the best product to clean the countertops. Earlier I had read that soap and water was the best, our soap is Dawn and it seems like maybe that is the problem.

and how to I get rid of the water rings? And why is water 'staining' my countertop?

thoughts? Ideas? help!



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