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Anybody have custom laminate with bevel edge

15 years ago

Latest cabinet modification has been an angled cab unit (3 sided with one very narrow side at the front) - looks good but makes the planned postform laminate counters an issue as the postform edge can only be on one side. I had always wanted to do custom laminate as I like the bevel edge but my concern now is that with postform one of the things I was counciled to avoid was the edge styles where the laminate doesn't curl under - apparently it is very easy to catch the laminate and ruin the countertop. The bevel edge is one piece (but the laminate on it does not wrap under because it has a square edge at the bottom) so if you did have a problem you would only have to replace the bevel edge not the whole countertop. Anybody have them and have any thougts or experiences they could share? We could go double bevel but I'm not sure I like the look.

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