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Hands Over Ears While I Scream

14 years ago

Hi to All. I feel like we're family even though I'm pretty quiet here.

Our kitchen remodel has been going on since June. We have a very open floor plan and the kitchen will be part of that. At the outset, we decided to add new hardwood floors to all of our upper level (as they call it here at the lake). For the past few months, we lived like packrats on the lower level, with all the furniture from upstairs packed in with us. About a month ago, the floor man sealed the floors in our bedroom and office, so we are now living both up and down.

A month ago, DH was diagnosed with cancer and must have his bladder removed--THIS THURSDAY! After close to a week in the hospital, he will come home for his recuperation.

When we heard the diagnosis and the surgery that was needed, we told our GC and asked him to complete our work. Unfortunately, the following needs to be completed: floors need to be sanded and sealed, electrical work needs completion (including the bedroom), hardwood stair treads needed, along with glass railings on the top floor and a side hand rail going down. The cabinets are pretty much installed, although we have given the installer a checklist of 'to do's'.

We are calling the GC and floor man like crazy, because we will have to have one level living very shortly and DH won't be able to go up and down stairs (especially ones without handrails), but at this stage, I am not sure we will see any workmen anytime soon.

It's OK to remove your hands now. Some things I just have to get out.

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