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HVAC guys didn't place a vent for the range hood!

13 years ago

Hey guys,

I've been a lurker for a while now and have learned many pitfalls to stay away from and things to look for during our own whole house remodel project from this wonderful site.

Disaster has struck 1 week from move in. As the electricians are finishing the punch out list, as they call it, they noticed there is no ductwork to vent the range hood! We had the cabinet guy custom make a cabinetry around the VENTED hood, plans call for a vented hood, and basically everyone knows there should be a hood. Luckily its on an exterior wall, but that exterior wall is on our porch, so the vent would be venting onto our porch.

Really at a loss right now. The contractor is a friend of mine and is trying to figure out if he can get a ventless range hood that will fit the cabinet.

My question, are these things even good? I really don't see how they could be and from what I've read, everyone agrees a vented hood would be better. What do you guys think. I'll post pictures later today.

I've been thinking about it all night, and I think, since it's a covered porch, they could build a "false 2x4 wall", build a chase inside the false wall, and access the attic space above the porch and run a vent out the boxing.

Ventless would be the easiest solution, but I really have doubts about it.

Thanks for any advise you may give.


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