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Soapstone, Sink vs. Any Sink - Soapstone Too Much Work? Pictures!

13 years ago

Please Share your Pictures and your reason for selecting or not your Soapstone Sink and Counter-Top! We are ready to decide and have found this slab of Soapstone, locally at a large granite showroom, it is just called Green Soapstone from Brazil. Do you have any Idea if there is a more unique name for this look or have you seen this pattern? There is a Green/Blue cast in the dark Charcoal Black, with some dark veins, running through it.

These two pieces are from the same slab of Soapstone that we like, and have not been oiled or waxed. I did wipe the small piece with water a few times and already can see the colors better! Of course it is sitting flat instead of upright, so this may be helping the camera to pick up the color, right? Are you supposed to oil the sample and what do I use to see it better? We have talked about using Soapstone for years but this is the first piece that we both really like. The white wood molding is pretty close to the white of the new cabinets. The brown background is just the table in our kitchen.

Anything that you may share with us on the selection of this Soapstone slab OR the selection of a Soapstone Sink, is very much needed, now. I have butterflies, just thinking about whether we will be sorry if we do not Add the Soapstone Sink OR if we do and then will wish that we did not spend the extra for the matching Soapstone Sink! And if we do want to select the Soapstone Sink, then is it OK to use the less expensive slab sink instead of the more expensive molded Soapstone Sink? Is it difficult to keep the corners of the Sink, clean and what do You use to clean out your Soapstone Sink?

There are two slabs of this Soapstone on Hold for us. Do we use water to dampen the Stone, so that we may see it better - before we select the slab that we want to use? How did You decide, when the slab does not yet look at its best? Sorry if I do not sound very clear, I am just so nervous!

Please share with us how you decided what to select and Thank You so much for helping with this exciting endeavor! roseofblue

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