Bridge faucet with 24" sink cabinet?

7 years ago

I love the look of a vintage bridge faucet with a side sprayer, but my new sink cabinet is only 24 inches wide and the bridge always seems to be shown with a wider sink. Wondering if anyone has gone for a bridge faucet & sprayer despite having a narrower sink cabinet, and if so, if they are happy with how it looks, or is it too squished together, does it overwhelm the smaller sink, etc? Part 2 of my faucet dilemma is trying to settle on a pull-down faucet that I like as much as the bridge style. Everyone's telling me that I'll want the convenience of one handle, etc. Any advice or photos or faucet recommendations you can share will be very appreciated. To be more specific, the kitchen is traditional-style white cabinets with chrome hardware (knobs and cup pulls), and I'll be getting a chrome faucet. Thanks!

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