talk to me about honed uba tuba vs soapstone

6 years ago

First- my head hurts from visiting 4 granite places today!

I went looking for soapstonebut not one of the granite yards could tell me what type it was other than "honed" or "leathered", and samples were not to be had.

At the last site, I was surprised to find a leathered uba tuba that seems to work well with my desired thassos ming green sunflower backsplash. The finish is silky like soapstone and NOT polished. The sunflower tile is between the White Dove cabinet color and the Wickham Grey planned wall color. My cabinets are inset white shaker and my floor will be a medium to gunstock oak color tile to match current flooring.

Here is a picture in bright sunlight that shows the texturing. I have to say that I was surprised when I saw this picture, it looks rough in this picture feels really smooth and does not catch any fingernails. At this exposure my tile is totally white so the granite will never look like this to the eye.

This edge view is more how I remember the texture

For comparison here are some soapstones. Again, they don't know what types they are so I am a bit worried.

Wild leathered soapstone (I've never seen one before)
You can see the texture in this slab. It still feels very silky.

Same soapstone in honed finish- these are not wet or oiled, I am assuming they would darken with wetting or oiling.

Another soapsone at a different yard

Also, the honed uba tuba is $3700 for my kitchen and the soapstone quotes are running $4700.

1) I am leery of buying soapstone that does not have a real name and that I cannot test. I did get a quote for green mountain soapstone PA which is a harder soapstone from a place 2 hours away but I have not been there to see it. That place has great reviews and does only soapstone. Would you be happy with the Uba Tuba and the $1000 price difference (my reno will be about 50k when done) or would you make the trip 2 hours away to see the green mountain soapstone? (also $4800 quote).

The rest of the questions are on the leathered uba tuba.

1) Does the leathered uba tuba need sealing?If so, what type?
2) Is uba tuba as bulletproof as I think it is? Should I ask the stone yard if I can run any tests like water or mineral oil penetration if they allow me? (again, no samples)
3) Will it hold a standard eased edge well or should I upgrade to a half bullnose for the countertop rim? I have a Stages 45 sink already purchased so I am presuming that I have to have the standard eased edge around the sink for the inset cutting board.
3) what kind of finish should I ask for the edge of the leathered granite? Honed if standard eased edge? How could they do a bullnose?

thanks in advance!

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