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Our glass backsplash is finally done -- a year later!

14 years ago

Hi, everyone. Wanted to let you know that we finally finished our backsplash, and today our pot filler was installed. Our kitchen was pretty much finished a year ago, and we had waited this long on the backsplash for a variety of reasons -- tiler wasn't available, my husband and I decided to DIY and then halfway through decided we'd better let the experts finish it.

We used glass tile -- 3x6 subway Dune colored glass from for the field tiles, plus mosaic tile from Oceanside as a trim. The mosaics were in cane and amber colors. Then for behind the stove, we used 4x4 glass tile from Oceanside, in amber, cane and a couple of other colors mixed in, iridescent and non-iridescent.Here's lots of pictures; it all looks different in different lights.

It was real tricky. But we're so happy to be just about done. And for those of you in the middle of a remodel, remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we still totally love our kitchen and all our choices.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hmsweethm's original post

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