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Floors stained tomorrow. What should I know?

11 years ago

I've never chosen floor stain before, or even had wood floors. DH is out of town so I'm on my own tomorrow for the stain decision. The decision will need to be made on the spot. No taking a day or two to decide. And you all know how good I am at making quick decisions. ;)

Floor covers about 1000 sq ft through the entry, dining room, family room, living room, mudroom, and kitchen. White oak. 3.5" planks.

I know that I'd like a medium to darkish stain. I have a lot of golden oak antiques so I'd like the floor to be darker than the furniture to provide some contrast. I don't want it so dark that it shows scratches and every speck of dust easily.

I plan to take a leaf from the DR table and a drawer from the hutch to show the furniture color. I also borrowed some pre-finished floor samples from Lowes to give the finishers a place to start. Any other tips or hints you can give a stain virgin? So excitedly nervous!

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