Retractable Pull-out/Pull-down Kitchen Faucets

10 years ago

We want pull-out or pull-down kitchen and prep sink faucets that automatically retract themselves into the base unit without one having to use two hands to feed the thing back in. We've seen some pull-outs/pull-downs in friends' houses but haven't seen any that retract automatically. We've also seen some online advertised as retractable, but wonder how retractable they really are. As we're sure you all know, samples set up in most showrooms are seldom mounted as they would be in a real kitchen, so we don't trust them as representative of real-life examples. We're sure you can tell our real question is: Are there any truly self-retracting pull-out/pull-down faucets out there that work as advertised? Thanks for your input and, hopefully, recommendations!

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