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only two decisions left - how to decide? b/s and pendants

14 years ago

Demolition started yesterday and TONS of progress has already happened, thankfully! I am stuck on my final two decisions, and I want to make them soon so there are no details dragging out for weeks or months because of my indecision.

I can't decide on backsplash and pendant lights.

For backsplash, I am between some kind of tumbled natural stone, marble probably, with that organic, earthy look, and ceramic subway tiles with a crackle finish. I am thinking I make the decision basically on what appeals to me most aesthetically, yes? I realize the ceramic subways would be a bit easier to clean, which would be nice, and in all truth, I am leaning more toward this option, although I wonder if the "glossiness" might bother me? DH prefers the stone look, but says it's more up to me but I don't want to discount his opinion completely. Our counter surfaces are not polished, island will be honed calcutta and perimeter which will meet the backsplash is nordic black antique finished granite, but I don't know if that means a shiny/glossy ceramic backsplash would be a nice contrast or a mistake. Or, if on the other hand, tumbled marble tiles will look like just too much stone with the counters?? Any advice or insight?

Pendants - what can I say. I guess I just look til I find 'em? I have been pretty true to my "vision" from the beginning but am stumped on pendants, now that I finally decided to include them. Finally wish I had the assistance of a designer to give me two or three options and I'd pick one. It's overwhelming. I don't expect much help on this one since I have no photos or anything. Guess I'll refer back to my mountain of kitchen mags for guidance, although I have been looking here and on FKB and there are some great ones around.

I should probably take the time to edit this stream of conscious post but need to make dinner so we can get to soccer so thanks for taking the time to read!!

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