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Small Kitchen - cooktop opposite bar seating

9 years ago

Hi all!

I haven't posted on here in a loooong time because i haven't been doing any kitchen work lately, but now have an opportunity to redo a small kitchen, with the caveat that I can't move any appliances or walls.

The way the kitchen is currently set up, circa 1960, is that there is a gas cooktop with hood and cabinets above that hang from the ceiling. It's an open kitchen, and you can see out to the living room while you're standing at the stove.

There is currently no overhang for seating on the other side of the cooktop.

I'd like to extend the counter to allow an overhang for seating, but am concerned that any little ones sitting there could reach over to the hot stove and burn themselves. (I will be removing the upper cabinets and just replacing the hood with an island-style one to maximize light into the space)

I am also considering swapping out the cooktop for a slide-in range, so that I can eliminate the wall oven.

Thoughts? Are there limits on placing a range in a space where people could be seated on the other side? I'm in CA, so I don't know if that changes anything. What about the burn risks?

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