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Why seams in soapstone are different than Granite

15 years ago

Ok, so I wanted to let people know why some people get great seams in soapstone and others are really not happy with the seams they have.

ItÂs really simple, (in my mind), this is also because I work with this material everyday.

Matching seams in soapstone is difficult for a couple of different reasons. As a fabricator, (granite), you are used to matching up pieces that are already the color and polish they will always be. With soapstone it is very different. You not only have to match up seams when not oiled up, but also when you oil it up, and not to mention everywhere in between . . . This can be an extremely difficult task considering that oil will evaporate off soapstone differently depending on where you place the seam in the slab. Certain slabs fade off quicker in certain areas than in others. So when laying out a kitchen countertop you not only have to consider what looks best with the veining pattern but also how the oilÂs evaporation will effect the entire Âlook of the kitchen. I think the only real way to get to know how soapstone will act is if you work with it everyday, or often, or are taught by someone who really has an appreciation for the trade.

I hope that those who are searching for soapstone understand what I just said. If I have explained myself in a way that does not make sense, please ask so I can explain myself better. . .

I must add that I find it very difficult to perfect this trade even though I work with the stone everyday. . .


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