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Help!! Faucet doesn't *quite* fit with windowsill

15 years ago

My soapstone countertops were installed today and they are gorgeous. I will post pictures (when I figure it out) when it's all done. The problem is that the faucet I picked (the Kohler forte) is literally a 1/16th of an inch too big, and the neck of the faucet hits the windowsill.

Should I:

1) Replace the windowsill with a ledge that is flush with the wall (requiring the removal of the window trim, etc)

2) Just slightly shave off part of the sill for the faucet

3) Try to find a skinnier faucet...Any suggestions??

#2 sounds terrible, but seriously it is *just* too fat. it would just look like a dent.

The plumber is coming tomorrow so I'd have to buy the faucet tonight. I guess I should at least check out other options (I want a pull-out spray faucet and a lot of them are fat anyway).



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