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Please comment on appliance ideas (XP on Appliance Forum)

11 years ago

Hello, all - I've also posted this list on the Appliances Forum, but hope the vast experience here can also be tapped. We're very gradually planning our total kitchen gut/expansion/first-&-last-ever-we-hope remodel, and have made great progress on the floorplan thanks to much help on GW! Have been investigating appliance choices and would really appreciate your inputs on this first pass at a list:

Wall ovens: Electrolux Wave-Touch EW30EW55GS - 2 singles; one installed in island below cooktop (if possible; see below) & one in cab near baking area.

Warming drawer: Electrolux Wave-Touch EW30WD55GS - installed below Elux oven near baking area.

Cooktop: Miele KM5773 36" induction - installed in island, but don't know if this can be installed over Elux oven we're thinking of; we like the look of this better than the Elux induction (smaller stainless trim on Miele) & both seem to have good comments.

Fridge: Liebherr HCB2062 or Liebherr Premium Plus HC2062 (not sure what differences are?) OR Kitchen Aid Architect II KFC022EVBL - we need counter-depth & want paneled; love the fully-integrated look of the Liebherrs, but obviously way more expensive, & mixed reviews on both KA & Liebherr on AJ Madison.

Dishwasher: Miele Futura of some sort, but we're REALLY confused about all the different flavors!

Microwave: Sharp Insight Pro KB6524P 24" drawer - don't have counter space for MW on counter & don't want to reach up to use one.

Vent hood: TOTALLY CONFUSED!! Cooktop will be in island, but don't want anything sleek/modern - no stainless or glass - kitchen will be Craftsman-inspired; reading the many discussions of ventilation on Appliance Forum is so overwhelming. I love to cook (just me & DH in home), but pretty simple - mostly veg & fish (baked), no indoor grilling, no deep frying - but many cauldrons of soup in the cold weather! Other than the fact that we apparently should have a 42" wide hood over a 36" cooktop, I'm at square one - and wish that a downdraft was a possible solution, but from what I read they're not advisable. RangeCraft has lovely copper choices & seems to do any sort of custom idea; I've been afraid to check on prices...

Please give me your words of wisdom, and thank you!

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