OH NO! Wrong slab installed!!

11 years ago

Everything has gone so smoothly during this remodel that something dreadful was bound to happen. We picked out two granite slabs and laid out the templates on the slabs with the owner (only three pieces with no seams). They installed yesterday and after they left I noticed one piece should have had big chunks of quartz and it didn't. Today I looked over the pictures of the two slabs and it seems clear to me that they used the wrong pieces. Thank goodness I have pictures but it is still my word against theirs. I paid by check (no credit cards accepted). I am going to call first thing Monday to see if something happened during fabrication where they couldn't use what I had selected. I'm not sure what to do, if they still have the other piece can I be firm to get them to replace it? Will that damage the cabinets during removal? When we were there the owner said I had to lay out my pieces at the edges because if I went in the middle of a slab he would charge me extra. I hate to think they just changed my layout because it gave them a better remnant to resell. If they refuse to redo it can I ask for a credit? I don't really want $100 or whatever they would give, I want the right slab. They have great reviews and references. I just don't know what to think. Help!

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