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Costco Kitchen Countertops VS Home Depot Countertops

10 years ago

I am seeking to get new Kitchen Countertops . I haven't decided whether I want quartz or granite or what yet ? I live in Long Island, NY and live in a gated community and don't have much counter space. I went to Home Depot & was originally told that my countertop was probably no more than 40 sq ft but I was given an estimate for 51 sq. ft.I told Home Depot that I wanted Home Depot to do all the work including new sink and was given a price of $ 7950. for granite for the entire job which I thought was high ?
. I contacted Costco for an in home countertop consultation ( which was good for me since I am disabled ). I have not had the consultation yet nor have I committed to anybody yet but I did read some bad reviews on Costco Countertops ?
I am seeking to get pros or cons of Costco Countertops VS. Home Depot Countertops & would welcome any suggestions re good Long Island Countertop Companies & Installers ?

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