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I got cabinets... I mean boxes... many boxes... and soapstone

13 years ago

We had our IKEA cabinets delivered today. We felt it was well worth the $90 to have them delivered so DH did not have to lift them on and off his truck and into the house himself. IKEA is only 20 minutes from the house. They came while I was at school and I came down to the Hollywood house to gaze at our 66 boxes. They brought them in and set them down whereever he wanted. AWESOME! He needs me to kinda re-familiarize him with our layout so he can work orderly. Maybe we'll do one tonight. Tomorrow he is going up to the other house to bring the bakers table back down.

Then... while cyber playing I found out the M. Texeria had a new soapstone called Monsoon Wave. Tons and tons of veining like I love and not that dark. I called them expecting them to say that it's a soft stone like the Venatas, which though I love, I know I wouldn't be happy living with. To my gleeful surprise, it's a harder stone. Here is a pic from their site:

I received my sample and really love how the veining is almost a turquoise and white color. I thought I was going to go with a light stone/quartzite/marble throughout but I really really love how this looks. The colors within the stone would really pull in the color of my bakers table and accent walls. The two other major factors are that I just love the notion of how functional soapstone would be for a person who loves to cook/bake and is not a huge fan of maintance AND I know I would have a problem free stellar installation cause I'd hopefully have Florida Joshua do the work. Here's a pic of my samples together. What do you guys think?

Tried to get closeup of colors in stone:

The bakers table will still have some kind of marble that makes me do my happy dance. I'll know it when I see it.

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