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Overreaction? AKA should I have to lay my own tiles for 100K job

12 years ago

Please tell me if I am over reacting or behaving appropriately.

We are building in a different state. When we selected tiles, I made drawings for what I wanted the bathroom to look like. Rough drawings. In photoshop. Not to scale.

Now it comes time to lay tiles. Between the flooring, countertops and tile work, we are paying $100,000+ to the company who is doing our tiles (and are confident we are being significantly over charged for the work anyway).

So, in one $7000 bathroom that has probably 50 square feet of tile (yes, we were insane to not question this price!) there was supposed to be a pattern/tile rug. The tile guy has asked me to come up and lay out the rug in the way I want (building in a different state, one days notice). Even though I felt they should have just used my pictures as a guide, designed it to look the way I wanted it and had me approve it, I sent my fiance over, he did a rough pattern and we asked them to please just center it and make it look like the pattern that he laid out on the floor with the tile.

We get an email from the tile guy letting us know that they are stopping work until I can come up there and give them concrete answers (more concrete then laying out exactly what we wanted?!?!). Apparently, doing things through email and pictures is "not economical" for them and they cannot "work day by day" (whatever the heck that means) and we have deviated "significantly" from my drawings with this new pattern (the drawings were a GUIDE, IMO they should have done a to-scale drawing weeks ago for us to approve, if we deviated it is because we were never told the design would not work given the size and dimensions of the room!).

I flipped out and sent an irate email. I want to know if others think it is reasonable that I should have to do my own tile pattern and lay my own tile instead of them doing a design for me to approve. Wouldn't you think that would be included in a $7000 50 square foot bathroom?!?!?!

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