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Need help choosing countertop(pics)

15 years ago


It's me once again! What would I do without all of you.

So, I'm not sure what to do about the countertop. It is a small kitchen, we are knocking out the dining room wall. I think I have choosen Cambrian black antique. The price is right and it has passed all my tests with flying colors. It is a long and narrow kitchen. One half kind of a dining/bar area. I ended up going with cream colored shaker doors for everything. Should I put the Camb Antiq throughout, or I was thinking of using a Quartzite for the bar area. They have a beautiful color called Madre Perola(cream, grey , greens) or Luce di Luna.

My question is.....would it look funny to have two different countertops in the same run? The fridge really breaks up the two areas. I just don't know. If I do all black, it is 63 sq ft of black! My dining table will probably be a dark wood.

The cabinet shown is the right color, but not the style I chose. And the tile is WZ, I liked the color tones, but not sure it will work.

General color scheme is cream cabs, black, olives, browns.

Here are some pictures. I hope I made this clear enough.

Thanks so much!

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