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Early-Stage Kitchen Layout Help

9 years ago

We are getting ready to build a new home and right now we are getting close to having the layout of our house finalized. The basic size and shape of the kitchen are set. What we are looking for advice on is the layout of the kitchen within that footprint. Nothing is set in stone yet because we haven't picked appliances or anything. The picture is only fully accurate for the size of the kitchen right now. Here are some of the things we are thinking about:

-- Probably a bigger island without a raised bar area, and with the sink almost facing the fridge. We are not sure how big to make the island. We think we want the sink and dishwasher there.
-- We almost definitely want to do a wall oven at the far left end of the L (near the door to the outside).
-- We have a nice pantry space nearby, but we are thinking of adding at least a little bit of pantry storage to either the left of the fridge, or by shifting the fridge down a bit and having the pantry at the end of the run of cabinets.
-- We want to have a French-door style fridge, and we don't think we will go with a counter-depth one because we want more space.

Any thoughts or suggestions on the above, or on any aspect of the layout would be greatly appreciated.

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