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OT re: gadgets..good thermometer for yogurt-making?

11 years ago

Some of you may know I successfully made yogurt once. (I've also posted this on the Cooking Forum where I found the info on yogurt making, months back) I want to do it again, but trying to homeschool...or do anything....and run back and forth to check to see if the temps are right yet got a little wild. I decided I wasn't doing it again until I got a digital thermometer that would let me know when it got to the desired range.

Today was the day I looked on Amazon to find it and order before my organic yogurt and milk arrive next week for the next attempt at yogurt. But I found most thermometers have fairly dismal reviews, and some of those with chimes alarm when a set temp is reached, but only when the temperature is increasing (like for baking or roasting meat), and not when decreasing, like I need it to do for part of the process of making the yogurt. Any recommendations?

You folks are so quick to answer, and I know some of you probably have a thermometer that will do this, so I had to ask here. Thanks so much!

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