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Paper towel niche - creative solution?

9 years ago

I've jumped on the paper-towel-niche-in-cabinet bandwagon (a'la FirstHouse_MP and other GW trendsetters!) and am trying to figure out a possible solution for the towel hanger dilemma.

I've read all of the GW threads on the niche and holders but there doesn't seem to be a common setup for the holder. Some had their cabinet makers customize a holder while others used spring tensioned holders.

I really like the idea of using the Perfect Tear holder that a GW'er recommended because it will allow us to tear off a sheet one-handed without the entire roll unraveling. But, my niche is only slightly larger than the width of the holder so it will be impossible to slide a new roll on.

I'm thinking I should mount it on something inside the niche that will allow me to swivel/rotate the holder out towards me so I can reload it. The holder will be "ceiling" mounted within the niche. Is there some kind of hardware/bracket/hinge that will allow me to swivel it out, reload and swivel it back in?

I'm attaching a few pictures of how I imagine the holder & swivel would function. Thoughts? My husband is very skeptical about the whole niche idea so I'm determined to come up with a nice looking, highly functional solution.

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